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Event Oficial Presentation (16 July) in the Portuguese National TV (Interview with the President of Unesco National Committe)
On February 2009 Professor Eduardo de Mulder (Executive Director of the IYPE Secretariat) and Dr. Ricardo Espirito Santo Salgado (President BES) confirmed the Portuguese bank Banco Espirito Santo (BES) to be the official bank for the Planet Earth Lisbon Event 2009.
Due to the commitment of the Banco Espirito Santo Group (BES) to adopt an environmentally responsible behavior in the development of its activities and the Group's involvement in nature protection, the International Year of Planet Earth will award the Group's president, Dr. Ricardo Espirito Santo Salgado, with the patronage award on the PELE2009 in Lisbon.

He will further act as a patron for the IYPE on the side of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Ruud Lubbers, the former Prime Minister Kingdom of the Netherlands, so as other important patrons.


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Planet Earth Lisbon Event 2009

On 20 22 November 2009 a worldwide event will be held to highlight main results of the IYPE and to launch new initiatives building on the IYPE legacy. Invited by the Government of Portugal, the Planet Earth Lisbon Event 2009 (PEL2009) is being organized by IYPE, the Portuguese National Committee for IYPE and Bombazine, a professional event organizing company.

PEL2009 aims to bring together scientists, politicians and industrial leaders to celebrate the closing of the International Year of Planet Earth triennium (2007-2009), to evaluate the results of the IYPE and to look ahead. This forward look will dominate the Event and is reflected in the PEL2009 subtitle: Planet Earth, Present for the future! A new initiative, The Planet Earth Institute, built on the legacy of the International Year of Planet Earth and with a much longer and wider reach, involving a worldwide network of National Committees and International Partners, is shaping up now.

PEL2009 will address three important themes which are close to the heart of IYPE and examples of Sustainable Development: Renewable Energy, Sustainable Land & Water Management, and Planet Ocean. These themes will be highlighted from the points of views of politics, science and industry. Moreover, by inviting 2 students from each of the 80 IYPE Nations, the Event organizers emphasize the important role for the next generations in reaching the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. An impressive number of political leaders, captains of industry and leading scientists have committed to participate.

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